Scoundrel Time

Author - Tony Eprile

Neo(Trump)ologisms for 2017

  1)    Trumpe l’oeil: When you can’t believe the shit you’re seeing. 2)   Trumple: To stamp all over with the jackboots of ignorance; e.g., “The reporter was thrown to the ground and trumpled.” 3)   Trumpolining. When you bounce from one...

Ways of Seeing

 Art is the light that warns us away from the rocky shoals of an increasingly materialistic culture. This prismatic lens at the Santa Marta Lighthouse Museum in Cascais, Portugal, is now retired but it still sends out a beacon of aesthetic pleasure.

Man’s Best Friend

The word “charity” comes from the Latin root for “holding dear,” or caring. It is often fleeting and nameless, but fixed in time here as this anonymous woman’s hand shows appreciation for the accordion player and his dog...

Laughing at the Demagogues

It’s become predictable—though still, I hope, not normal—that a Saturday Night Live skit will be followed by an angry tweet from the new President, using words like “unwatchable” and “not funny.” If these silly overreactions at times seem like part...