Scoundrel Time

Americans of Conscience

There’s more than a few great daily and weekly actions lists out there to help set busy activists on a clear path of resistance. The ones we find we post and/or provide a link in the left side bar of this Actions page under Actions Resources.

Let us know if we’ve missed one. In the meantime, here’s a list (new to us) that may have flown under your radar, too. It’s from Jen Hofmann at Americans of Conscience.

It’s humble, researched, and offers a thoughtful, positive spin. Here’s a sample list for Week of April 23, 2017.

Each week, Jen emails her almost 70,000 subscribers a link to her Google Doc which includes a list of Weekly Actions, Acts of Gratitude, Recommended Reading, Good News. Here’s why you might find her lists worthwhile. From Jen’s Americans of Conscience website…

  • I read obsessively—mostly papers and magazines from around the US and world that have a high level of credibility. I reject sources that are slanted, jargon-y, or opinion-heavy.
  • I look for issues that put our constitutional freedoms at risk.
  • I collaborate with the Action Alliance, a group of more than 50 smart activists around the country who share ideas and research.
  • I edit heavily, organize, and email them to you.