Scoundrel Time

APPS for Activism

Ease and Efficiency

In no time at all, technological wizards have risen to the occasion of helping to streamline resistance. Below find a number of APPS available, and particularly ResistBot, the new APP that will turn your text message into a fax and deliver it straight to your people in Congress. Their mission to deliver “…the voice of the grassroots…”

In her article, “This New Anti-Trump Tech Is The Most Genius Thing Of 2017” , Kate Ryan reports:

“As messy as governmental processes may be, it’s solutions like these that seem to pave a way for better communication between constituents and their elected officials. Our representatives can only do a better job addressing the needs of this country by hearing more from everyday people, not less.”

Teen Vogue tells how to use ResistBot to get your voice heard.

And here’s where to find out about some other APPS to aid you in your daily actions, phone calls, and more at NBC News “Want to Resist Trump’s Agenda? There’s an App for That,” APPS such as Daily Actions started by a Capitol Hill mom.

But what about PRIVACY?

Activists brand new to social media might be more inclined to dip in a toe rather than take the plunge and one of the reasons is a concern about privacy.

Thanks to Amnesty International for getting the conversation started way back in October. (Doesn’t that seem like ages ago?) Start with the article, “How private are your favourite messaging apps?” then go to the PDF, RANKING 11 TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES ON ENCRYPTION AND HUMAN RIGHTS.


Privacy is a civil right, right? 

Learn more about privacy and technology at the good old ACLU.

 Or, attend a Cryptoparty!

Cyrptoparties make it difficult for government to circumvent our technologies at NPR All Tech Considered and  “…How to Stay Anonymous On-Line.”

“The people involved in organizing and promoting ‘cryptoparties’ say the presidential election spurred activists, journalists and everyday citizens to attend the get-togethers to learn how to anonymously use the Internet.”

Look for a Cryptoparty in your hometown. Check with your local Indivisible group or organize one for you and your neighbors.

And, finally, here’s a plug for the old-fashioned technique, to not forget that showing up in person is crucial to grassroots movement success. Find out how you can become more active face-to-face and on the ground, through Indivisible and at the Town Hall Project.