Scoundrel Time

Care for Body & Mind

Patrick Hendry

It’s true–this week marks the anniversary of the moment that maddened and mobilized us all: 45’s election. A full year has passed since we stood statue-still before our T.V. screens, certain if we just waited a few more moments, or stared harder, or blinked, maybe, then we would see a different map, a brighter picture. Reality hit, and resistance followed. This week, though, instead of lamenting last year’s events…


1. Focus on the positive

There is a lot of good (ahem, ahem, and not fake) news out there. My favorite source is Small Victories, “A weekly newsletter celebrating people-powered wins against the Trump administration’s agenda.” Sign up, and devote a portion of your media consumption each week to celebrating the gains we are making.

Here are some highlights from last week (quoted from Small Victories):

  • A federal judge blocked Trump’s attempt to ban transgender people from serving in the military because the claims “do not appear to be supported by any facts.”
  • Counter-protesters used some wonderfully creative methods to disrupt a white supremacist rally in Tennessee. Not only that, there were three times as many protesters as there were white supremacists, causing the cancellation of one planned rally.
  • A group of Boston teenagers secured $4.6 million in funding for a community center in a low-income neighborhood after discovering a hidden law and holding a corporation accountable—and they’re just getting started.

2. Spread the word about Open Enrollment

As Indivisible explains, “Open Enrollment is generally the time of the year when people can sign up for health insurance through the marketplaces created by the ACA if they don’t get coverage through their employer or a government plan, like Medicaid or Medicare. Trump has sought to undermine this year’s ACA Open Enrollment period in a number of ways, including drastically shortening it and slashing outreach funding intended to raise awareness of Open Enrollment”

What You Need to Know:

  • Open Enrollment runs from now through December 15th, 2017.
  • People who miss the Open Enrollment period will not have health insurance at all during 2018 unless they experience a Qualifying Life Event.
  • Sign up or re-enroll on or your state’s online marketplace, but take note: will be down for maintenance from 12 am to 12 pm ET on Sundays, except for on Sunday, December 10th. 
  • 8 out of 10 people who had ACA coverage last year qualified for premium tax credits that resulted in premiums of less than $100 a month. This is likely to be the case again this year.
  • Prices for marketplace plans vary each year. Those already enrolled in an ACA plan should still look at their options during Open Enrollment to ensure they’ve selected a plan that best suits their financial and medical needs.
  • For local help with health insurance applications, check out Young Invincibles’ Get Covered Connector.
  • Indivisible has created a wonderful Toolbox, including fact sheets, state-by-state information, canvassing sheets, and fliers. Arm yourself, then spread the word to your neighbors, friends, family, and community members.

3. Vote!

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 7th, is election day. If you aren’t sure who’s up for election in your state or town, or who should earn your vote, take a look at a local voter guide—you can find one (usually put out by your local newspaper) by simply typing your city and “voter guide” into a Google search.