Scoundrel Time

Climate Justice

Have you recently marched for change, waving signs and slogans–––save the air, water, and soil, our kids, our farms and food, jobs, and all the threatened species? Have you rallied against corporate greed and in support of the afflicted, injustices acted on native cultures, women, refugees, the poor? Have you spoken out in favor of science?

Then, thank you, marchers, everywhere, and the People’s Climate Movement! 

Climate change is real. It’s not going away. Not only does global warming impact the health of the planet, it’s a fundamental issue to social justice and basic human dignity.

What is climate justice?

Peaceful Uprising defines it as “… working at the intersections of environmental degradation and the racial, social, and economic inequities it perpetuates.” It’s about the people who are hurt the most by the rising temperatures and tides.

Global Justice Equality Project speaks about “the heart of climate justice” as “the understanding that the urgent action needed to prevent climate change must be based on community-led solutions and the well-being of local communities, Indigenous Peoples and the global poor, as well as biodiversity and intact ecosystems.”

Listen to GJEP’s Anne Petermann on Earth Watch, KPFK radio’s Sojourner Truth show hosted by Margeret Prescod to get a 15 minute taste of the kind of work they do over at GJEP. It’s complex–––tree biology, drought, the further degradation of women–––this tenuous web of life in which we are players.

Read what the UN says about Why It Matters…”From a small farmer in the Philippines to a businessman in London, climate change is affecting everyone, especially the poor and vulnerable, as well as marginalized groups like women, children, and the elderly”…and check out their Sustainability Development Goals: 17 Goals to Transform Our World.

What can we do?

1.) Read up. Thought Company has compiled a list of Top Environmental News Sources you can find on-line.  And, in sum, there’s this…What’s at Stake in the Washington Post on April 10th…if you can bear it.

2.) Get inspired to act!! These Mothers Are Fighting Climate Change for Their Children up at Medium.

3.) Call and write your reps as often as you can. Add environmental issues, wildlife concerns, global warming, clean and slow living to your long list of where and how you want to see change. Refer to current Environmental Protection Bills here. Check out our Actions Resource links on the left side bar of this page to get help on how to act efficiently.

4.) Work to get more people to the polls in #Election2018. Check out Swing Left (and Why the House?) for their updated map. Jump in! It’s all hands on deck to Take Back the House! And help Rock the Vote!

5.) And once again, donate dollars, time, and resources to your favorite local, national, and global climate justice cause. They need our funding support now more then ever.