Scoundrel Time

Congrats! The Revolution Is Now

buff buffe / buffer buff/reibu / buffrebufffring /
& fervently awaitin ya pass       code
o, word      ? we wonder how we will
in2       existence: amazonial
primal access & 1070p rejection      o’ taxes
science will save ya ass / a seat
@thedraftingtable / compleat w research
object / sumtimes the next best thing
is the                best thing. chill-less thing
finally chilled / framed /         forced

the innanet is smart
as it’s user & i’m kinna
loser-ish average
jumpma?n        jumpcute /
lyk tennis wout a net
gain  / revolution in the free / verse    2
faced / rebookin re / tweetin sub / lettin
real bodies
real bodies, yo: baddies, goodies, hood
-ies / ain’t nvr had no chill: shifting
sif ti ng     thru the wreakage the frame
frame the fre                 zz  free
rezz      e  free   ze   e e free