Scoundrel Time

Square Fictions

Around the time of the election, I started writing mostly square fictions about the president-elect. It began with one a day, then went to two, then three, then more. They were short because he has (we are told by many who know him) a small attention span, and because I have (I am saying now) a short attention span when it comes to him. They were square because I like the orderliness of the shape. It calms me. They were fiction because I dont know the man, hope not to know him, but I know and have known plenty of people who display similar traits, and I liked the idea of mapping those traits onto a series of minor speculations. I dont know if the devil is in the details, but fiction is.

The process of writing these mostly square fictions about the president-elect was addictive. I tried to stop after twenty, but failed. I tried to stop after fifty, but failed. Eventually there were more than a hundred. If they were addictive, they were also therapeutic. I was trying to get inside his head at the same time that I thought about how he was getting inside our head, and that cleared my head somewhat.

Here are five mostly square fictions about the president-elect, some of which were posted in this form at the time of their composition, some of which have been heavily reworked, and some of which have never been seen before.

Fiction Squares