Scoundrel Time

¿Where Is La Brecha Treinta? Racing Against Death in the South Texas Borderlands

Winner of the 2019 SLS Essay Contest On a 100-degree June morning, Eddie Canales was driving from Corpus Christi, Texas, to the town of Falfurrias. A call came in on the Bluetooth screen of his Prius. It was...

Three Poems By Nick Carbo

AFFAIR You: white Deborah Kerr singing that song from the King and I—Thai kids crowd in rings, to know you. Me: Yul Brynner hands on hips, falling in love—etc, etc, etc, etc. Think flow, drum hearts, gongs...

Mary Miller Interview

Louis McDonald, Jr. makes a wrong turn on the way to pick up his diabetes medicine at Walmart, and ends up adopting a spirited Border Collie mix. This is the inciting incident in Biloxi, Mary Miller’s second...

Funeral in Barcelona

In November, 1975, my ship, the USS El Paso, made a scheduled port call in Barcelona. I was excited. I’d never been there, and seeing such sights (along with escaping my Midwestern hometown) was a big part of...

The Flag Weeps

“The Flag Weeps”
An original artwork by Meri Bender.
Dance choreographed and performed by Meri Bender.
Musical accompaniment by Aimee Bender and Maia Siegel.


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