Scoundrel Time

How It Ends: Follow the Money

A few years ago I read a biography of Al Capone. I learned a lot about him. He was a good dancer. He had tertiary syphilis that probably caused his erratic mood swings. He grew up a block away from me in Brooklyn. When he got to Chicago, his business card read: Alphonse Capone, Antique Dealer. He was a family man despite his numerous affairs and the brothels he ran. He sent his mother flowers every week. He was always home for dinner. The government had over five hundred indictments against him for murder, racketeering, assault, etc. But none of them stuck. What got him was a lowly accountant with an eye for detail. The accountant meticulously went over Capone’s books and was able to snag the great crime lord on tax evasion. What a simple, stupid thing. Not paying your taxes. My spirits are buoyed whenever I hear that Mueller is looking into possible money laundering. I believe this is why Trump won’t release his taxes. I think there is a great big hole in the middle of them that won’t make any sense. And I believe this is what will take him down. So I’m putting my money on money laundering.