Scoundrel Time

I am an elevator

to a brutalist

I see
city blocks
that fall

asleep amid
prickly weeds

I see a skein
of geese that land
on the surface

of the lake
like it’s their job
to surprise on demand




Snežana Žabić is the author several prose and poetry books, including the memoir Broken Records (punctum books, USA, 2016), and the poetry collection The Breath Capital (New Meridian Arts, USA, 2016). The Breath Capital records points of bodily contact in urban environments where eye contact is tacitly forbidden while we breathe each other’s molecules in and out.  Broken Records belongs to an international generation whose formative years straddle the cold war and the global reconfiguration of wealth and power, shifting from the vinyl/analog era to the cyber/digital era. This generation knows that when they were told about history ending, they were told a lie.





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