Scoundrel Time

March for Truth, March for Pride, Make Your Calls

Truth and justice…don’t let up!

On June 3rd, the March for Truth is happening in over one hundred cities and counting… “to demand urgency, transparency and an impartial investigation into Russian interference in our election.” Click the link, insert your zip code, and find a March for Truth nearest to you.

More information here: March for Truth: News


The Equality March for Unity and Pride has a website up and running…”Mobilizing LGBTQ+ communities, our loved ones and our allies – with particular focus on those who have been actively silenced and neglected – in the fight to affirm and protect our rights, our safety and our full humanity.”

June 11th…Find your city here.


Can’t March? Take a minute to call your reps!

This week, Jen’s Activism Checklist highlights issues, offers directions, and suggests scripts to aid you in making your phone calls. Here’s s sample…

Action: Insist on integrity and transparency from Republican reps.

Call: Your one representative (only if Republican). 

Script: Hi. I’m from _ZIP_ calling to ask why _NAME_ does not support the release of the president’s tax returns. (pause) Can you please tell me what it will take for _NAME_ to stand up for transparency and integrity? (pause) I would like _NAME_ to make a public statement supporting the release of Trump’s taxes. Thanks!(

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