Scoundrel Time

[Margaret Sanger did the first one, I was awake and felt terribly sorry]


Margaret Sanger did the first one, I was awake and felt terribly sorry

for myself, then when I didn’t learn my lesson for I was dumb and hazy

about how babies were made and girl, I needed love, I set up the second one

with the breezy efficiency of Mr. Drysdale’s secretary on The Beverly Hillbillies,

I’m going to do it right this time, I actually said that out loud, and borrowed

some dough so I could be knocked out cold and wouldn’t have to feel anything,

the medical staff was young and encouraging with good teeth like members

of a college vocal jazz ensemble with an optimistic setlist, and they gave us

cookies when the anesthesia wore off, those crisp little butter cookies

with a hole in the middle, my eyes were like a cat’s, they were actually as round

as dimes but I created the illusion of a cat with liquid eyeliner, I once stabbed

myself in the eye with the wand, what an awful mother I would have been, girl,

I was so loused up I didn’t even grasp how lucky they were, those fairytale

urchins who could scrape themselves free of me and not end up in jail.





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