Scoundrel Time

Neo(Trump)ologisms for 2017

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead


1)    Trumpe l’oeil: When you can’t believe the shit you’re seeing.

2)   Trumple: To stamp all over with the jackboots of ignorance; e.g., “The reporter was thrown to the ground and trumpled.”

3)   Trumpolining. When you bounce from one ridiculous idea to another.

4)    Arc de Trump. The trajectory of things going from bad to worse.

5)    Trumpfounded: When you’re dumbstruck by the latest outrageous thing the Prez has done.

6)    Dispence: What we will want to do once Trump is out.

7)    Expence: The former Vice President (if only!)

8)    Stormtrumpers: Neo-Nazis for Trump.

9)    Compencate: When you try to convince yourself this guy will be better than his boss.

10)  Contrumptuous: How Europeans feel toward us now.