Scoundrel Time

Reading is Action: Part 1, Immigration

Reading is a political action. Stories can, at least for the time we spend in the narrator’s world, give us a lens on different perspectives than the one we know. Below are links to sites–––articles, interviews, book lists–––highlighting the voices of award-winning authors and every day people on living in America as an immigrant.


1.) Days after Trump’s executive order on immigration, Iranian-American author and teacher, Porochista Khakpour, asked “How Can I Be a Refugee Twice?” in an opinion piece for CNN.

2.) Feminism in India curated the list, “8 Books That Captures the Essence of Muslim Women,” opening the introduction with, “Let’s face it-the intersections of misogyny, oppression and Islamophobia make being a Muslim woman one of the hardest things to do.”

3.) Lit Hub’s Emily Temple put together a list of “15 Works of Contemporary Literature By or About Refugees.” and “15 Books by Mexican Writers That Make America Greater.”

4. ) In November, 2009, NPR did a piece on the children of immigrants featuring three award-winning authors, Edwidge Danicat, Junot Diaz, and Samina Ali, in Authors Explore American Immigrant Experience.

5.) Stories from everyday immigrants living in the US at My Immigration Story.

6.) Andrew Silow-Carroll  relates history, the time “When Jewish immigrants were detained, and Jews took to the streets,” for The Times of Israel.