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Refugee Crisis

In addition to prayers, please send help…

While the US wrestles with an everyday political circus on all fronts, the world at large continues to face a global refugee crisis. Strict US immigration policies founded on fear will further stress support systems both home and abroad. If this issue appeals to you, here are some ways American citizens can help…


1.)  Understand the Issues

Watch this moving and terrifying 20-minute documentary, 4.1 Miles,  about an everyday hero on a small island filled to capacity.

Catch up on a series of archived and related pieces published by The New York Times, including graphic video clips of situations abroad: Refugees and Displaced People: Including Commentary and Archival Articles

2.) How you can help…

How you can help refugees around the world…” a list of organizations prepared to accept your help.

Best use of money and other ways to support: “How You Can Help Refugees in the US

Find out how to offer LOCAL LOVE and KINDNESS such as these Mainer: “When these refugees shared their loneliness, Maine overwhelmed them with kindness…” (Bangor Daily News)

3.) Find Inspiration: Zoom in on one couple’s call to action: A Story of Heartbreak and Hope (Third Eye Mom)

4.) Support local and national media. If you rely on The New York Times, for example, consider paying for a subscription.