Scoundrel Time

Sonnet on Hearing the Name of the Proposed EPA Head

The entire planet is his.

Put here: a statistic about how long we have.
The (partially) fake news: the Garden, created for man, is now available for pillage.

Man’s ingenuity to fix it, ha. Why don’t they talk about man’s stupidity?

XerZiiyk happily jets off to another planet.
Once I flew to New Zealand before it was known about how radioactive ash would spread worldwide.

With a “mad dog” as defense secretary, another ignoramus scientificus, I’m thinking not just way hotter summers or rivers

running plastic.

Crowdsource fear.

Athens’ democracy flourished on the labor of slaves and women, collapsed when its paranoia (of the above) caught fire. The

smoke stings still.

This is a poem about syntax: an arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences.

We are not responsible.
We are.