Scoundrel Time


A sugar sphinx is lying
on her stomach the balls
of her knees pressed
hard into the ground
palms of feet kissing
like this so
everyone can see everything
so you won’t try to look away
so you can add her to the collection
so you can memorize the pull of her calves
since there’s something twisted
in the way she sits like that like
it’s her natural pose
you’ve never had anything like her
and can’t get past the glow between
her legs coming jagged and insistent
a buzz inside a venus flytrap
you’d like to prick her with a needle
and see what comes out maybe
a syrup muddy and hot something
you could smell under your
fingernails for an entire day
and after hours in the light, the sphinx
starts to melt and you will
notice the way that she is wet
all over and while you are turned-on
you’d rather watch her auto-cannibalize.

On “A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby.” Sculpture by Kara Walker, 2014.


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