Scoundrel Time

Still Life w/ Gay Lil’ Patriots

yu so fun
so danger
so smoke
so ready 2 deady [next stop: F I R E W O R K S
spend $ & get &z off]

we bubble
bead up the sky w blood [the libertree thirsty
& i wonder what this b 2 me]

as yr local majikal hapahaole mite say

a bed yuh best
lay in      cuz yuh dun
made um

but they is options 4 zZzZzZzzzzz!:      blo me or blo me
a part [push
[2 start / ]

luv already laced in heartshape
far 2 kute 4 isolation. 2 pyroseptic.
or singular. 2 pyrotechnic.
sumtimes luv is a combo meal when you only want fries
& sumtimes
luv whisper        take this & like it     luv shout
from the city on a hill: it’s July, nigguh! this 4    th!   or
cumply er die, plz lol. so i’m tryin on a smile a smile
another smithtwerk’d smize 4 b glassy eyed & pliable
w yu
4 b patriotism
w yu
4 performances of nationalized queerness / cumplycated lust

find us fistin us
: bottle rockets in2 the neck
of an empty corona // not 2 gay tho / no way tho / jus
play tho //

sparks 2 ash us all before mourning. the empties. lukewarm

no   or

1 more hit hit
me harder
hard  er

i breathe twink[ies] & beer
& blot my cuntry w belches

–o i luv my
lyk how i luv
hard er