Scoundrel Time

Thoughts & Prayers


This poem is composed of the public language around mourning over school shootings, all of it verbatim from political leaders or shopping and news sites.


Hashtag PrayFor


Thoughts and


No child, teacher; there’s just no other way to describe it; the whole country


Our thoughts; our team’s banner; our assault-



Thoughts and prayers


Designed and executed.  Us gun owners


We continue to keep the victims


all the victims and families affected by today’s terrible


Our hearts break for


My heart is with Las

Vegas we continue to keep

the victims


Praying impacted terrible prayers

On the scene

15 kids. AR-15.

Pure evil, horrific

John 16:33

1st responders


My thoughts and prayers are with


$30 million in donations.


Thoughts and Prayers: the Game

Thoughts and Prayers the make-up

tutorial with invisible cosmetics.

A fantasy red blusher, the

color the blood of our children

Pray for


Armed teachers


relatives affected


all impacted by last night’s despicable


Lifting up in prayer


Kingdom of God. Columbine.

The thoughts and prayers hand

crafted wood card


The science of Thoughts

and Prayers.

Thoughts and prayers fireside

basket. The thoughts and prayers clear

mount stamp


Thoughts and

prayers angel pin.




semantic satiation, civil religion, mixed research, common spiritual language,


My heart is with Parkland. My heart is


running down

the hall




our prayers.