Scoundrel Time

Two Poems By Becca Barniskis

Agenda Machine

Thing Mud faltered downahole halfway thru
presenting (airloss lightdrain wordstick
wormegg burrowing deep into screensavior)

-10 sec break-

skincrawl over&above turntalk beak-
blurt swallow sling whatever you have
to say far so people in the back can

piss themselves -5 min break- Thing Mud does
it matter please disgust amongst yourselves
how to dwindle even more productively

how to speak up to buzzinglighttiles
lunchlecture all the announcements atonce
are feeding upon dryerase furze overgrowing

the plot of the lastboardmeetingnotes
howto combat boredom bubblemap the fuckoutta
your life combat mindsets combat now  -break-


Wealth Machine

Thing Mud pushes its head up a rustyairvent bends over backward
to breathe clambers across slippery roofsurface to jump the gap

sorry no help wanted here or here muscle notwithstanding headstrong
though you may be wondering right now where is my money

guess! we spent it already on other things come back tomorrow and haul lift
flatten fit this to that Thing Mud mutters lunch lunch break shattersheetmetal

over bosskulls to numbness how it works broken high windows letting air stir
itself and pigeons in holy hell hum and thrum throttle clear through

Thing Mud’s frame vibrates hungry weary worried wonders to itself
how much is left after deductions the soft squeeze beginning

opportunity knocking you back onto your ass Thing Mud wishes there was more
to do today but ‘s’okay! while Thing Mud sleeps the money slips out to make more





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