Scoundrel Time

Two Poems by Ed Ochester

Trump in the 19th Century

the following lines are from
Anthony Trollope, The Way We Live Now, 1875

This man was undoubtedly
a very ignorant man.
He had probably never
read a book in his life,
had no preference whatever
for one form of government
over another, never having given
his mind a moment’s trouble
on the subject
The more arrogant he became
the more vulgar he was.
No doubt arrogance will produce
submission; and there are men
who take other men
at the price those other men
put upon themselves
and [give] their hinder parts
to be kicked merely because
he put up his toe. [He] was not
the first vulgar man whom
the conservatives had patted
on the back, and told that
he was a god.


Donald J. Trump as King George I, 17 July 1717,

floats on a barge down the Thames
accompanied by barges holding musicians
playing hunting horns, trumpets, flutes, etc.
in what is later known as
George Frederic Handel’s “Water Music”:

“I really like it when the drum
that’s terrific, and also when
they play, what’s it called–
a “fanfare”—so the crowds know
when to cheer as I’m passing by—
that’s great, really great, though
I told Mr. Handel I’m not too crazy
about the quiet parts, but I’m
one of his biggest fans,
despite the fact
that he’s Jewish”


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