Scoundrel Time

Two Poems by Jane Satterfield

Remembering #Winningteam

A “mercantile feminist” learns that Ivanka Trump, her employer, is discontinuing her product line, ca. July 2018


Despite a million fuchsia cat caps knitted
by mothers sworn to resist,
her father’s win was a fashion coup, & so

I signed on with Ivanka, a leader
ice-blonde & benevolent,
who saw her chance & stepped right in.

Even office wear, she believed, requires
decisive aesthetic appeal,
& she stood firm when facing off against

spike-heeled competitors.
My job
was envisioning product lines—First Daughter
china, State Dinner gowns

perfect for prom or date night, dazzling
to flaunt & accessorize—& I stuck by her
even when retailers stripped

her label from their displays—she
of the sellout sheath & wise words,
leather wristlets crafted abroad

by hands well-practiced & well-worn (frankly,
younger than we’d liked)…
For us,
she was simply one more working woman—slimmer,

wealthier than most, back from her meetings
at the White House, whispering
in her father’s ear…
But now

it’s happened: the dream is dead
for all of us sacked & screen-bound
up past midnight, a good wine on hand.

Why bother counting all the weekends
we who served her won’t get back? I still see
her shadowed, smoky eye scanning

options for future policy, her smile
our absolute guarantee…
As for me—well,
you win some, you lose some, & sometimes

you’re tossed to the passing tide. I loved
those classic silhouettes, the tags
stamped with good advice—

Be Bold. Act with Purpose. The Greater
the Challenge, the Greater the Prize. For now,
the dresses—Breezy, Amalfi—

drift like promises in my closet—
Yoke Sunburst Scuba Crepe,

Matte Jersey Sharkbite Hem—
for sparkling beaches & sun-soaked shores…
I may even wear them yet.


Note: See “Ivanka Trump shuts down her namesake clothing brand,” Washington Post, July 24, 2018





After viewing a product catalogue for Second Amendment-loving women (a real thing)

Maybe I’m dazed by spring & solstice,
maybe I left my cheaters off, but there it is,
that virtual catalogue of one-stop quality shopping
for Second Amendment luxury goods,

assault weapons & appliances, speedy
delivery guaranteed. Check out
the arsenal of choices—copper stockpots
with Teflon shields, pressure cookers

& studded purses with conceal & carry pockets,
flashbang bras (for the gun in your cleavage)
or belly-band holsters where quick-on-the draw
takes on a whole new meaning.

From Fitbit to Smith & Wesson
& high capacity magazines; from backyard
motion detectors to make-up,
health, beauty, guns & more babies

named after them than ever
(Saber, Blade, Trigger, Baretta).
Is the site still up or did I dream it—
those gleaming Glock onesies,

those bottles like mini-bazookas,
holstered & BPA-free?
Who’s downloading our profiles
with World Government spyware? So pay with Bitcoin

not Federal dollars—bullion, if you prefer—
& pledge allegiance to Ammoland—
survivalist lifestyle products,
decoys, drones, & firing ranges—

shampoo-conditioner duos for ’dos
cascade over Kevlar vests
modeled for birthday parties, BBQs,
or rallies after dark, matchless

fusion of form & function
with buy now/pay later options,
weapons that leave you empowered & free—
Our limited lifetime warranty.





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