Scoundrel Time

We (also The People)

We are overwrought and underpaid, understood to be over-sensitive, we the underlings of the overtures of overrated undertakers, overcooked and ovaried; we are understudies of our overlords, gathering undergarments to make overexaggerated accusations of undermining over breakfast, under lunch, under the table of the over-spiked dinner; we are over those who are over us, even as we are undone; what’s the under-over he’ll be confirmed to oversee our rights; wake me up when it’s over; overtake me if you must to underscore what must be done to Oh very young can’t you just underbelly up to the bar and tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing overscripted, not an overblown bosomy fact from thirty years ago? We are oh very yes very over it.





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