Scoundrel Time

While Heads Were Turned

The current administration works with swiftness and stealth. They act and they distract. While heads and hearts turned toward the recent immigration policy upset, “another presidential memorandum signed this weekend may have even more lasting, wide-ranging and dangerous consequences” writes David J. Rothkopf, chief executive and editor of the magazine Foreign Policy, writing an opinion piece for the Washington Post.

To learn more about the unprecedented reshuffle at the NRC, read “The danger of Steve Bannon on the National Security Council” , (aspects of which may become obsolete facts as the administration shape shifts and back paddles in response to public outcry).

Calls to Action…

Call your representatives on the Senate Armed Services Committee (chaired by Sen John McCain and insist that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs must be on the NSC. (202) 224-2235
Call and complain to the Homeland Security Committee, as well.
Ask Chairmen Representative Ed Royce of the Foreign Relations Committee (voting on Tillerson) (202) 225-4111, and, Bob Goodlatte, head of the Judiciary Committee (voting on Sessions), (202) 225-5431 to demand that nominees give their opinions about this move before they are voted in.