Scoundrel Time

Women’s March 2018

The Women’s March returns this weekend. The goal? Reigniting the resistance with a focus on our collective political power. “We are the leaders we have been waiting for,” the tagline reads. Power to the Polls is the theme of the main event in Las Vegas, which will kick off a nationwide voter registration tour. The movement’s focus this year is on gaining concrete wins in the 2018 midterm elections. “This new initiative will address voter registration and voter suppression head on,” explains Tamika D. Mallory, co-president of Women’s March.


1) Learn more about this year’s Power to the Polls event

2) Find a local Women’s March event near you

3) Join MoveOn’s Ready to Resist call after Sunday’s Power to the Polls event

The call will include details about the Women’s March Power to the Polls campaign; a discussion of the 2018 midterm elections with MoveOn’s partners the Working Families Party, People’s Action, and the Center for Popular Democracy; and information on how individuals can get involved in MoveOn’s support of progressive candidates across the country.