Scoundrel Time

WTF, Resist Weekly, DARE

A number of resources out there capture and curate latest news and pertinent actions. You can find a list of some in the left sidebar. Here are a few that readers might find particularly useful.

What the fuck just happened today?  is a website and source for daily email news updates that arrive to your inbox in the evening. It’s single-handedly run by Mike Kiser. “What the fuck just happened is a personal project to log the daily shock and awe in Trump’s America. The goal is to capture the most important news in a [digestible] form…I go through considerable effort to cite the original source… try to make sure each recap is rich with a diversity of sources.”

Writers Resist curates a weekly selection of video picks. Just scroll down a bit on the home page. You can also check out more words and images on their contents page. They will send subscribers weekly reminders of all updated content. Stay inspired. The Writers Resist motto: Write, paint, shoot, draw, submit.

Pen America offers DARE: Daily Alert on Rights and Expression, a website page and email subscription. Content focuses on First Amendment rights, particular parts of the amendment that address freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom to gather.